There are so many amazing stories of people using low carb and ketogenic diets!

People are solving health conditions, losing weight, feeling amazing, improving body composition, having more consistent energy, improving cognitive health, treating anxiety, and much more.

It sounds almost too good to be true! Listen to all of these first hand accounts that represent millions of more success stories.

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Reversing Multiple Sclerosis with a Low Carb Lifestyle

This is truly an amazing story! Sandra Lee actually reversed her multiple sclerosis with a low carb, nutrient dense diet using ancestral principles of nose to tail eating. She followed the Terry Wahl's protocol and ate organ meats, organic seafood and meat, bone broth, and low carb vegetables to go from a wheelchair to doing Jiu Jitsu!

Conquering Brain Cancer Regrowth with a Ketogenic Diet

Logan Sneed had a glioblastoma removed and turned to a ketogenic diet to keep it from grwoing back. Even though doctors said he only had 1-10 years to live, he's seen the exact opposite. The tumor hasnt grown back at all and he is thriving more than ever. He's building uscle and becming a huge influencer in the space! Check him out at Logan_leanfusion on Instagram.

Doctor Reverses Type 2 Diabetes with a Low Carb Diet

59 Year old doctor from Germany takes health into her own hands and reverses her type 2 diabetes. She helps people understand the power of diet and lifestyle and the limits of mainstream medical care.

72 Year Old Woman Reverse Cognitive Decline with Keto

She has seen amazing benefits to her cognitive function once starting a keto diet. Her brain function has improved tremendously using diet alone! This is just emerging in the scientific literature and was previously thought to be impossible using diet alone.

Using Keto to Treat Kids with ADHD and Autism

She's lost weight, cleared her head, and feels more stable. She also uses these ketogenic metabolic therapies with kids with ADHD and Autism to normalize their blood sugar and mood and stabilize them so they can improve in other ways as well.

Curing Migraines and Menstrual Cramps with Low Carb Keto

Her mom was seeing so many benefits from treating her cancer with a ketogenic diet that she decided to give it a try. She found these amazing benefits and more!

Better Energy, Body Composition, Sleep, Lower Inflammation

He's tried all kinds of diets and doesn't buy into any camp, but keeps consistent with low carb and quality, whole foods. His long list of benefits from keeping carbs low is inspiring!

Solved Joint Aches & Pains with Keto and Low Carb

She went from Atkins to low carb, to Whole 30, to Keto and always stays Low Carb and Paleo. Keto solved her joint pain problems! She always avoids the bad grains and seed oils.

Alyse (RawAlignment) Goes From Vegan Influencer to Keto Diet

Alyse was a huge vegan youtube personality with over 750,000 subscribers on youtube when her health started failing. She now it's a animal-based ketogenic diet and is thriving in every way. She got her cognitive health back, her energy, clarity, and even sex drive.

Treating Anxiety, Losing Weight & Mental Clarity w/ Low Carb

He lost some eight and felt great but more importantly saw a great reduction in his anxiety. He loves learning about all the amazing stories of people improving their life with low carb diets.

Ketogenic Diet & Fasting Improves Mood, Energy & Blood Sugar

You don't have to have metabolic problems to benefit from a low carb, ketogenic diet and a condensed feeding window.

Thriving as a Type 1 Diabetic on Paleo Low Carb

He found paleo low carb eating later in life and wished had seen the light sooner! He's had great success managing Type 1 Diabetes and improving mobility and athletics with this low carb approach!

Self-Optimization, Cognitive Benefits, and Quality Nutrition

He researched ketogenic diets to treat cancer for his grandma and started doing it himself. He's had so many benefits there was no looking back. Even young people can improve themselves greatly using nutritious food and high fat, low carb diets.

Peak Athletic Performance on a Low Carb High Fat Diet

She went from the standard high carb diet for athletes as a top level marathon rower but wasn't feeling her best. She switched to LCHF and has performed at her best, felt healthier, and had better energy!

Better Sleep, Muscle, Strength & Energy on Low Carb

He's 46 and feels like he's 25. He's tried tons of other diets and found this very low carb diet with only organic meat and seafood and low carb veggies to be optimum.

Keto Trim to Sustainable Low Carb for a Healthy, Long Life

He trimmed out on keto then moved to a more sustainable low carb approach that fits his active lifestyle. He wants to remain healthy and active for his kids and is accomplishing this with a low carb lifestyle!

Clearing Up Autoimmune Issues & Longterm Health w/ Low Carb

He's not at the whims of the usual blood sugar rollercoaster people are on when it come to energy. Better body composition and better longterm health and longevity!

Solving Anxiety, Depression, Skin & Energy Issues on LowCarb

He solving Anxiety, Depression, Skin Issues, Energy Issues, and More on Low Carb. Modern medicine had no answers for him so he turned to diet and functional medicine. So many positive benefits!

From Insulin Resistance & Fatty Liver to Running Marathons

It's so amazing what keto/paleo/low carb diets can do! He went from metabolic damage to being a metabolic beast!