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This is a collaboration between some key members of the low  carb community, including Professor Tim Noakes,Dr Gary Fettke, Dr  David Unwin and Dr Eric Westman  and some successful  (N=1 )  (individuals who have recovered their health through good low carb.  nutrition.)

Nutrition Consensus Statement


Consensus Statement 

We believe :

Proper nutrition for humans is A WHOLE FOODS ANIMAL AND PLANT BASED  diet chosen to suit your metabolic health, circumstances and preferences;


Processed foods have contributed to rising chronic ill health; 

We believe that extending the period between food intake is good for health;  and 

Restricting carbohydrates, particularly from processed foods, may enable many individuals with Type 2 diabetes to live with normal blood sugars and may  help others improve many other chronic conditions that are affected by a damaged metabolism.


Why we MADE A"consensus" statement

Science is complex, it is not settled and it is doubtful that it ever will be because we all have new things to  learn.   Having said  over the last two  hundred years we have understood more and more about health and nutrition but we have made mistakes along the way.   Many of the things we knew got overlooked as we tried to maximise productivity.   We are now paying the price with global epidemics of chronic diseases with seemingly no end in sight.  

Today many of us have found our own way to healthier lifestyles, reversing T2 diabetes or better controlling T1  diabetes or handling myriad other chronic conditions including obesity and improving conditions that have been linked to obesity.   We do not say that our way is the ONLY way,   just that it is a good way.   It is supported not only by basic science and research but also practical experience which has been reproduced in individuals either as patients or simply concerned individuals all over the world.  Our goal is to bring these experiences together into a practical statement about what we believe constitutes excellent human nutrition with regard to the scientific knowedge and best clinical practise today. 

Our goal is to help you improve your own health through good nutrition and if you already did so, help others achieve similar success so that we can all start to recover from the mistakes of the last few years.