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Are you a low carb/ keto leader ?

What has been seen cannot be unseen

You are someone who has been profoundly affected by a new understanding of the power of good nutrition for yourself, your family or your patients or your career. 

You have  seen or experienced the weight loss, remission from T2 diabetes,   renewed control of T1 diabetes, improvement from some other chronic condition,   lipid panels and  overall health  that followed the  change in diet to low carb/ keto principles. 

It annoys you when you see bad science being published that bears no relation to your personal experience and that no-one seems to be listening to you. 


Some of you feel so strongly that you have already set up a professional practise  or groups specialising in lowcarb/keto or a local  advocacy group, a website, blog, podcast, documentary, film, or a book.    

You may have decided to specialise your research efforts into the field,  set up a foundation, become a conference organiser or speaker. 

You may be  active on  social media in making the case, you may have even changed your career,  or devote several hours  each week to answering queries from others trying figure out how to improve their health.   

Your success may already have featured on a website somewhere. 

You may already have personal success stories to report as others followed your example and are now grateful for  the results. 

You might have done none of the above yet,but your own personal success story speaks for itself and you want to share it. 

You may think that a particular doctor, professional, or social media outlet helped you immeasurably and you  want others to know about them . 

You want to be part of the group sending the message to everyone else affected that ,"junking the junk foods"  "saying no to seeds  oils" , "banning the beige"   ( bread, flour, cereal, pasta, sugar, rice, potatoes )  and embracing the rich protein and fat based dishes of your forefathers could make such a difference to them. 

If you are any of the above, you are a lowcarb/keto leader.  Please join us and make your voice heard. 


Low carb/Keto Living


Lets Get Together

We are all over the world, 

So many people tackling their own health conditions 

Ignoring  official low fat, low saturated fat,  guidelines 

Replacing that with a lowcarb/ keto plate often including nutrient dense animal proteins and fats


You want to explore Low/ Carb Keto

You are interested in low carb/ keto eating  to lose weight, improve health, or remain in peak condition. 

Your ambition is to adopt a  nutrient dense Low Carb or Keto way of eating made up of largely foods found directly in nature and you identify with the concept. 

You choose your diet to suit your personal tastes, meat,plants or both  but you agree that animal foods have a place in the human diet and that eating a lot of processed high carbohydrate foods and constant snacking is probably not good for you  

You want to find out more and learn how to make the transition

You want to become one of the millions refinding health through Low carb/ keto  N (you ) becomes => MM  millions (us) 


Our Mission to take LowCarb/Keto Mainstream

We are all profoundly grateful that those working in the low carb / keto community improved our health, limbs and lives.

Whether you help through  your job, your organisation, volunteering your time, or spreading the low carb/keto mission  byword-of-mouth, or social media ,   we  thank you for the assistance you already gave us.  

We now need to take it  to the next step. Join together, find  our own financial  resources . 

Help us  bring everyone together  so that we can get professional lobbying  help.

Our hashtag is  #lckl  (LowCarbKetoLeaders). We are on all major platforms with links. 

Please help us make a difference and encourage everyone to sign up today.

there's so much more to the low carb lifestyle

Learn About the Science!


Low carb and ketogenic diets are actually the most scientifically backed diets that exist! More studies have been done on these diet than any others, and the majority show superior efficacy.

Watch Amazing Testimonials


We've gathered one of the best collections of testimonials around! We have real people from all walks of life sharing their success using low carb or ketogenic lifestyles.

Let's Create Change!


We're about making change and affecting policy! Help us spread the word on the science-based benefits of changing your diet and gaining your health back. We're here to empower people!

one of our testimonials

This is truly an amazing story! Sandra Lee actually reversed her multiple sclerosis with a low carb, nutrient dense diet using ancestral principles of nose to tail eating. She followed the Terry Wahl's protocol and ate organ meats, organic seafood and meat, bone broth, and low carb vegetables to go from a wheelchair to doing Jiu Jitsu! See them all

another amazing testimonial

Logan Sneed had a glioblastoma removed and turned to a ketogenic diet to keep it from growing back. Even though doctors said he only had 1-10 years to live, he's seen the exact opposite. The tumor hasn't grown back at all and he is thriving more than ever. He's building muscle and becoming a huge influencer in the space! Check him out at Logan_leanfusion on Instagram. See them all

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