Nutrition is fascinating subject.  We do not endorse all of the contents of all of these books,  but today it is possible to look across efforts to explain nutrition and health  over more than 200 years. 

Knowledge develops and changes and no two authors agree with each other, overall though will find a consistent underlying theme across all of these publications.

We should eat the foods appropriate to our species. Health is a function of good nutrition. Good nutrition includes nutrient dense animal proteins and fats combined with fresh vegetables.  Processed foods and sugar should be avoided.

Today more than ever before we can access information, either the original studies, which can be accessed via the internet, or through reading , watching or listening. 

if you are interested in health and nutrition please take the time to look at a few of these sources or to follow up the various media links of those who have contributed to this website.    if you find a great book that personally  made a difference to you, let us know. 




Over the last  forty years there has been an explosion in chronic disease across the world.

We believe that a significant element of that development has been the switch to much higher carbohydrate diets, particularly of processed foods with poor nutritional content  including too many grains and other carbohydrates. 

Many of us have been unable to cope with a diet full of refined processed foods and our health has suffered with rising chronic health conditions including T2 diabetes and obesity.

Many of us have discovered for ourselves with the assistance of a relatively small network of medical professionals and social media,  that the key to recovering our health  has been to adopt a Low carbohydrate or even ketogenic diet. 

This is not a fad diet .  In  320 Ge Hong   writing about  grain avoidance in "Book of the Master Who Embraces Simplicty"    said "there was not a fat one among them"   He goes onto describe many of the key features of nutritional ketosis including the lack of hunger ! 

In 1796  John  Rollo MD  the Surgeon General at the Royal Artillery Hospital  Woolwich London, wrote up  a case study of the reversal of  a man with  T2 diabetes, largely through a carbohydrate restricted animal protein diet. 

Ever since then  there has been a steady stream of efforts  to  bring the news to the population that a diet high in nutrient dense natural proteins  & fats  which largely excludes grains cereals  and starchy carbohydrates is one which can lead to enormous health gains  specially for anyone prone putting on weight. 

We are fortunate that over the last few years, a resurgence of interest in low carbohydrate eating has resulted in a  large body of scientific research confirming that  adopting a lower carbohydrate or even ketogenic diet  is both safe and efficacious. 

We are proud that  scientific and medical leaders in the space have joined together to create a simple consensus  statement which we believe all who have adopted a low carb. higher fat way of eating can get behind, regardless of whether their personal approach includes animal proteins,  dairy or not. 

It is the nature of science that it is never " settled" once and for all.  Further breakthroughs in our understanding of the workings of the human body may well lead to further changes to what we consider an " optimal diet".   

Our goal is only to optimise our health, for now we are convinced that following the principles outlined represents the best way to control, and improve health in the early 21st century. 

Today, social media enables us to reach a larger audience, Through advocacy we want to help bring the message to governments and health authorities that  adopting a fresh food, lower carbohydrate  way of  eating can help improve the health of vast swathes of the world's population and assist in overcoming the tidal wave of obesity , diabetes  and other chronic conditions  of modern civilisation.  

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"We believe that proper nutrition for humans is A WHOLE FOODS ANIMAL AND PLANT BASED  diet chosen to suit your metabolic health, circumstances and preferences. 

Finding the best food for you can make all the differences.  We  set out below places you can go to find out !